Rewind Help!!

I need help with The “rewind” trick, anyone know a

you mean besides the tutorial here?

I’m assuming so. The tutorial here is messed up

Dude rewind just takes alot of practice. I do it all the time and i still mess up sometimes.

Gotta a Q about rewind. Do you guys go into the double or nothing for the third hit? When I was first practicing it, I did trapeeze, the other brother, then popped it off and only brought it around a half-arc before landing on the strings again. Now I seem to pop it off, and swing it a full 1 and a half rotations to land in a perfect double or nothing. Know what I mean?

Edit: I notice Andre teaches it slow-motion as a half-arc, and in full speed he does the double or nothing. That must be where I got it, then later just looked at him in full speed and re-learned it!