Rewind help


Any tips for doing rewind ?


Before you even attempt it, make sure you have all of it’s parts down. Perfect the trapeze, brother, double or nothing, “double brother”, and triple or nothing. After you master them, it’s only a matter of putting them together. Take it slow like any other trick and go from there


For me, double brother and triple or nothing were murdering this trick for me, I couldn’t land those for a solid week until I figured out that I should start looping the strings as far back around my fingers as I could so I’d have plenty of room for the next mount of the trick. It helps to get a rhythm too, and it you start to loose it, just let the yoyo land on the string and take a second to gather yourself and adjust your fingers.

It’s all about aim on this one, or for me it was. I had a pretty hard time with tilt also, but that went away as I cleaned up the string placement in the trick


Thank you all so much! This really helps.