Rewind Confusion

The tutorial on the trick Rewind is confusing me. He demo’s the trick one way, which I find easy; And he explains it another way, which I find much more difficult. Which way is right? Any tips for the second (explained) way? Thanks for your help!

Both ways are right. The second way in my opinion is easier because if give more room for the yo-yo to land the double of nothing. You do the trapeze and his brother and after that instead of letting go the string on your throwhand you use you middle finger to land a double of nothing variation. Do the same and then your all set.

Okay. Thanks. But Im still have trouble with the second to last hit, right before triple or nothing. I often end up landing it onto 2 strings. Any suggestions? (I’m learning it the first way, where you swing the yoyo all the way around into double and triple or nothing)

He shows it the correct way, then does the tutorial with the easier way.

Just keep working on having the strings around the base of your fingers, except for the strings you’re planning to land on.