Rewind Confusion

Okay, I skipped over this trick when i was just learning to throw since i just couldn’t get it at the time. Now I’ve decided to go back and learn it again, but now when i look at André’s video I’m a bit confused.

From 0:25 to 0:38 he shows Rewind at full speed, but how he does it is different then how he teaches it later on in the video. First he shows Rewind by going into a trapeze, then trapeze and his bro, dropping the trap & bro to swing all the way around into double or nothing (like in McBride’s Rollercoaster), and the pattern continues until he’s in a triple or nothing.

Where the confusion comes in is how he shows it from 0:50 to 1:54. There is no drop out of trap & bro to swing into double or nothing, same with double and bro to triple or nothing. Instead, he shows that you’re supposed to stick out your middle finger on your throwhand and swing the yoyo over into a double or nothing and do the same for double and bro into triple or nothing.

I was just wondering which of the two is actually correct.  ??? Thanks in advance!

PS: If someone could show me how to embed this video, that would be great, thanks!

To embed it would would have to rightclick on the video, click properties, then copy the link. Then come here and click the “Insert flash” icon under the bold button.

The confusing part about the way he did this trick is that he says to use your other fingers for the wraps. Don’t. Use just one finger on your nonthrowhand for everything.

So how he did it the first time then when he was showing the entire trick?

Thanks for the help embedding btw, I’m going to fix that now. :slight_smile:

Yeah he showed it right first, then he did the rest of the tutorial wrong. Right motions, but not right fingers.

lol There are like 5+ posts on this.

Oops. I keep forgetting about the search box. lol. Thanks rsmod. :stuck_out_tongue: