Rewind problems

Hey! (again)

I’ve made a plethora of posts recently but this is killing me and you guys have been great so far :wink:

In his tutorial André first demonstrates a version of rewind. However, after that, he goes into a completely different version.

I’ve been wondering which is the correct way.

Version 1 goes: Trapeze, trapeze and his bro, swing all the way around into a normal double or nothing, continue.

Version 2 goes: Trapeze, trapeze and his bro, then you sorta flip the yoyo round your throw hand pointer and over to the other side, continue.

If anyone could give me some advice id appreciate it!

Many thanks.

I used to have this same problem. The first version is the correct version. I have no idea why Andre begins teaching a weird and much harder version of it in the tutorial. BTW, good luck with it!

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I know I would have this same problem if I tried to teach somebody And Whut. That trick had huge influence on me and I started to really build my first combos off that trick. Just a thought.

Thanks! The only thing with the first version the strings are harder to seperate out, but I suppose that’s just practice…

I see that you have been watching the YYE tutorial. Andre does it correctly in he very first does it (He does Version 1). Then, while explaining how to do it, he does it a completely different way that is incorrect.

So when he shows you first, he does Version 1. While explaining, he does Version 2.

Have you tried both? Version 1 is correct. If you have trouble just practice getting to a Double or Nothing first. Then, practice doing from a Double or Nothing to a Triple or Nothing. Then put them together.

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Thank you!

Im actually having more trouble getting from the double or nothing to the reverse double or nothing. I can’t get the strings to seperate out so the yoyo ends up landing on two of them :S