Rewind Question


Well I always had just skipped this trick because of this question, but now since I have nothing better to do I might as well ask. Ok so in Andre’s video when he shows the trick he goes from trapeze & his brother to an actual double or nothing, but when he is breaking the trick down and showing you how to do it he goes into some pseudo double or nothing from trapeze and his brother. Which is the “Correct” way to do the trick?


The way he teaches it is incorrect, and the way he shows it is correct :wink:


wow ok, talk about confusing


Wait, what I said, or the tutorial? :-\


The tutorial, I understood what you said, but you gave me a laugh because now your confused


yeah you do it the way he shows is the right way =)

(Mark) #7

Its the Pseudo Double or Nothing.

(yoyobot) #8

what is that?