Rewind string help

Hey guys, a little help with Rewind. After you get off of the Trapeze and his Bro, and swing all the way around to do a double or nothing, is there supposed to be one extra string wrapped around your left hand’s index finger? Or is the first time Double or Nothing is completed in Rewind supposed to be an EXACT Double or Nothing? I don’t know how to explain it correctly, but it has me pretty banged up, I want to move onto the next trick but this trick still stumps me.

Well, you just have to dismount from the trapeze and bro and swing the yo-yo over both your left and right hands and land in a double or nothing. It should be a plain old double or nothing.

Hm, I mean, I also can do the reg Double or Nothing but I’m not doing it the same way Andre does in the video, It looks like I form it too quickly. I don’t swing completely over both my hands and form it, when I get off Trapeze and his Bro my left index is already in position, I put my right index under the string, then just land it to do Double or Nothing. When I try to do it swinging over both hands I end up with one extra string later around my left index.

When you swing it back around, you’re letting it wrap around your left index finger. When you land the double or nothing, make sure you take the extra wrap off.

I think I know what I’ve been doing wrong now. When doing the Double or Nothing, I performed it in the same position as when I got off Trapeze and His Bro, hence, doing it with that extra string wrapped around my finger. I had to drop every string so it was like doing a Double or Nothing, without the throw and using the momentum of the swing from getting off Trapeze and his Bro.

I’m not sure what you meant by that last post, but just remember that Andre’s tutorial is wrong. What he showed in the beginning was correct. What he taught was wrong.

I know. One question though, just to make sure, when you get off Trapeze and his Bro and perform Double or Nothing, you end up in a REGULAR Double or Nothing right? Just minus the starting throw and substituting it for the momentum of swinging off Trapeze and his Bro?

Yes. You will have a normal trapeze, normal trapeze and bro, normal double or nothing, normal double or nothing and bro (?), and normal triple or nothing.

I see, alright. Thanks for the help guys!