In the “rewind” video, I realized that Andre did two different variations. Which one is the correct one?

The one that he demonstrates first. After the trapeze and his bro, you swing all the way over all of your fingers, then into a normal double or nothing. Just follow what he shows in the video, its not too hard to follow.

But in the McBride roller coaster video, he mentioned, “instead of just going straight in to double or nothing, you go all the way back around into a real double or nothing” and at that time, he was referring to rewind when he mentioned “going straight into double or nothing”.

Well he was referring to McBride’s roller coaster, but its the same thing for Rewind.

Hey Louisezz, Are these correct? (Because I’m currently in Rewind.)

  • Trapeze

  • Trapeze and His bro

  • Normal Double or nothing (I notice the there’s a loop in his thumb, isn’t it Houdini mount?)

  • then Kinda trapeze and his bro Double or Nothing. :smiley:

  • Then triple or nothing am i right?

  • Is it okay to don’t use the middle finger or thumb?, I mean not following what Andre said, Just perform the following I’ve mension above?

The reason why its on his thumb is because he was teaching wrongly. He just got confused. Make sure you go all the way around both of your hands and go into a normal double or nothing. This will make it a normal double or nothing, and a normal triple or nothing.

Are you really sure about that?, He teach wrong?, By the way ,thanks for the help yo!~
Another thank you!

Yeah, he was trying to teach an easier way of doing it because many people struggle with separating the strings. You want to have all the strings on one finger so that you can roll out of the triple or nothing.