Rewind Trick Question


I’m able to land Rewind in a relatively fast paced manner about 50% of the time. In a slow run, I can do it two thirds of the time. The hardest part of the trick IMO is landing the trapeze + brother-like-mount from the double or nothing. (The step before the finishing triple or nothing.)

I’ve been doing this trick with an actual double or nothing. After watching the tutorial video (on this site) again, it looks like Andre is using a Houdini mount instead of a double or nothing. Now, the two questions: is he actually using a houdini mount? is it still a valid rewind if I use a houdini mount?

A Houdini mount would make the final two steps much easier than an actual double or nothing.

Also…Boingy Boing is horrible!


He’s probably making space by pushing the string back with his thumb(s)


Probably what Nikolai said. I’d have to re-watch. To me it’s not valid unless it’s a true Double or Nothing. But it doesn’t really matter if it’s “valid” or not if it looks good and you can do it reliably.

Unless you’re doing it for a ladder tournament I guess. And then it probably matters. :wink:

Main reasoning: the “Rewind” part of rewind requires all loops around the forefinger. If one is around the thumb, you’re not really doing a smooth 3-turn rewind.


Yeah, the trick is truly deserving of the rewind name (forward and backward looping over the fingers). I just was not sure because it seemed he had a Houdini mount on/somehow switched fingers and just did it very sleek and clean.

Thanks guys/gals