help with cold fusion

i can do the whole trick consistently except for catching it on the string at the very end. i miss 95% of the time. any tips?

Practice, Practice, Practice.
Also, you don’t have to pull it very far to get it on the string, because it kind of wants to do that part for you.

I will be making a tutorial for you soon to help with that. But for now if you miss swing it back into a trapeze.

The answer to 98% of the tricks you get stuck on is practice practice practice. Take it slow and make it as smooth as possible.


I just learned Cold Fusion last week and I find that it helps if you slowly slide your nindex finger away from your body and it kind of guides the yoyo to the string

k i had this problem too… what you are gonna need to do is when you roll twice to the right pull out when it is dismounting to the left… so you are guarenteed that the yoyo will go straight on the trapeze