Trouble with Cold Fusion trick

I got the beginning part down. I can do the moves to the 1 1/2 mount, and I can do where after you flip the yoyo to the other side and then flip it back.

The problem occurs when you try to loop the yoyo back and forth then land it onto the string. The yoyo doesn’t seem to want to continually and smoothly spin horizontally; It just flops vertically and goes ape spinning everywhere.

Here is what I can’t do, start the video at 1:12

Keep your hands on straight next to each other; don’t let one of your hands be too far in front or behind that it tilts the string.

Thanks mate, I think I do keep both my hands close and straight enough. I think I found out the problem. That it’s because I am doing the trick too slow, when it holds 3-4 strings at a time, the yoyo tends to slow down significantly and just stops spinning and goes crazy.

I had a similar problem when doing Skin the Gerbil; I figures that if I went faster it would fix it, but even so it didn’t do it. The trick was to make sure the string layers aren’t bunching, making sure the yoyo is in the spot where it spins freely/not in the way of the string

dont think i understood wat you meant correctly
The plane in which you swing the yoyo should be parallel to the plane of the yoyos spin, and your finger normal to it

The problem with this trick as well as someone said about spin the gerbil, is the motion of flipping the yoyo when there are this many strings in the gap as well as wrapped around your fingers. There is a lot of friction in the gap of the yoyo when one part of the string is rubbing against another, and it causes a little play which turns into a bind, or rubs against the response etc… This is magnified when your hands are not lined up with the plane of the yoyo, which someone else already stated. Try to make sure your hands are fairly dry, and use a new string if that helps.

as another note, doing it fast sometimes will also cause the string to bind up, so try doing it slow when you’re learning. You can also look into the gap of the yoyo while doing the trick and see if it is starting to bind, or if the problem lies somewhere else completely. I used to get this problem frequently and it annoyed me too, good luck!

Try to keep everything aligned and on the same plane for the most part. You obviously can’t go perfectly straight cause it would just double on instead of looping around but you want to keep it as close to it as you can.

Also you might not be doing the loopy part with it in a good circular motion. You want the yoyo to move with the strings fully extended. If there is slack, it will either bind or slow down like crazy and cause it to go nuts like you said.

good luck!

Thanks for suggestions guys. I just found out that it depends on the yoyo that I am using. For my Gradient, the faster I do the trick, the more stable it is. Whilst on the Benchmark W, it’s when I do it slow, the more I am able to land it. Both are the only yoyos in my arsenal that has the Konkave Ceramic equipped.

EDIT: I also removed the Konkave Ceramic from my Benchmark W and swapped in the Center Trac and the yoyo spins straighter and I can land the trick EVEN EASIER! I don’t know how this works as I am not that big of a tech nerd on the yoyo side of things.

I have also foud that flat bearings, or bearings with a flat spot including the center trac, do not force the stringe to rub against eachother the way they do in a bearning like a konkave where gravity and centripetal force pressure the strings to rub against eachother and cause a small bind.