Gerbil skinning and Fusing Cold things slows me down

I’ve had an issue since I’ve learned Skin the Gerbil and Cold Fusion (which has only been over the past couple weeks) where towards the middle/end of the trick, with certain yoyos, I can hear the string start to rub on the response because there’s too many layers and it RAPIDLY slows down the spin. It happens during what I’d call the modified brother mount in StG and the flip over the 1.5 in CF.
Any particular reason it might be doing this? Some common mistake that allows too much string to build up over the bearing?

Practice ;D

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Haha Thanks, Punk! I think the string is actually winding a little bit around the bearing. Should I keep my hands further apart or something?

I think I know what you are talking about. I’ve experienced the same thing. Practice will probably be the best tool but I’ve found that a new string eliminates this immediately. Maybe try changing string more often.

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I just started StG tonight, and I get what you mean. I think with more and more practice, and more speed and smoothness, the yoyo doesn’t spend enough time with all those string layers to slow down too much. The few times I’ve been able to smoothly get through the trick, and have enough spin for another bit or two before binding, I hit and pop out of that doubled up brother quickly. Same with cold fusion–smooth and fast will get you through those segments without losing too much spin.

This happens often to me on these tricks, I found that it helps when your string tension is a bit looser.

try to make sure you are throwing as even as possible, the more centered you are in the gap, the less the layers will affect your spin. I had trouble with cold fusion on a maverick when I was learning, it just took a little bit of practice and commitment. I learned STG on a canvas which has a pretty narrow gap and it didn’t slow me down much at all. Keep at it!

It really is practice – practice having the yo yo mounted on your throw hand. Usually it’s mounted, like in a trapeze, on the NTH. So, we are not as used to having it mounted on the NTH. Watch your hands. Make sure the yo yo is in the plane when it’s mounted on the NTH.