string problem


Hey dont know where to put that topic so move it if needed. I got “strange” problem with string, currently i am using only green poly YYF string which was fine until today. I will present you the problem through trick skin the gerbill: when i got fresh string i can do even few of it in the row, but after a while of yoyoing 15min or so i got problem, it happens mostly when doing olivertwist up to that lindy lop, it looks like getting few extra warps around axel which is stopping yoyo very fast, i am doing that trick always the same so it isnt human error and when i change string, problem disappear for few minutes, but its kinda crazy to change string every 15min, i think it isconnected to higher temperature outside, which makes my hands a bit sweaty = a bit wet string etc, i hope u will know what i mean :slight_smile:

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Fresh string can also fray a bit (get those little hairs that stick out the string) as you play so that might also be the cause of that. A yoyo with a bigger gap might also help resolve this problem.


The MVP2 has a giant gap. I love it! Check out your yoyos gap width in the specs thingy.


using steamroller currently aside with 888x

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Hmmm well those have big enough gaps. Is the response still new? A grabby response could also be the cause of your problem in which case just standard play should wear it down.


How tight is the loop/wrap around the bearing, I have noticed if my string starts to untwist a lot from around the bearing…

strange things start happening…


nah response systems are fine both in 888x and steam, i hope gloves will delay that process


Oh, I think I know what you mean. It’s nay an actual loop, it’s just the yoyo almost binding. Just do the trick fast, I think.


yeah, I used to have a similar problem to this but then I found it’s actually the spot I have my index finger is what plays the biggest role, because when the string is fresh the problem doesn’t happen since it’s still smooth, but when the string gets just a little older and breaks in, it binds better, it has a tighter grip, then when it gets really really old, it’s harder to bind it.

So that being said, play around with where you position your index finger, and how you push on the strings, it’s actually a factor in many tricks (eg. cold fusion).

I’ve to add YYE 100% poly are good but not the best. I still use them, but every now and then I throw on a YYSL Type X, and it’s a whole new world.


Try loosening the string tension.


ye it might be true, i ve noticed it too, even when i already got not fresh string and got that problem and i do skin of gerbil sometimes i dont feel that breaking motion and its fine… but still:P dont know what to change in my index finger moves etc;p


Just experiment with it, that’s what yoyoing is all about! I can suggest to move your index towards the yoyo even more… But you’ll have to experiment with it and see.


i made little experiment :stuck_out_tongue: after being mad like hell couse my steamroller didnt want to make correct skin the gerbil couse of “string” i took my 888x and i put string from steamroller ( fluffy flushy puffy like hell )
and u know what? i could do 3 skins of gerbil in row with some jedi backflips and one GT in the middle of it. i think sth is wrong with my steamroller not with me or my string


ok thanks m8 that tip helped my steamroller :stuck_out_tongue: but i had to overloosen it a bit, can any1 explain that to me? why is that happening?


I believe everytime the yoyo changes direction, the string twists and that’s why it gets tighter or “tension” so every now and then, even professional players loosen the tension, but again… it depends on the string you’re using, some players don’t have to loosen the tension until after like 30 minutes of play or maybe more!