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Hey Guys,

I need a couple of pointers in completing this trick using a Dark Magic. First off, what should the length of the string be? I find it really hard to do the first part of the trick after the double or nothing because the string is so short. The video by Andre looks like his string is longer. Second off, for some reason the yoyo always starts to snag when I go do the part with the three twirls around the index finger (the part where you throw the yoyo back into a one and a half mount). I tried adjusting the gap, but it didn’t really help much. I noticed it might be because the yoyo sometimes starts to tilt on the string, but I don’t really know how to correct that. Any advice?



It doesn’t matter how long you string is. It depends on each person how long the string should be. If it feels too short for you, then but a new one that is longer. And it kind of helps me when I do it faster so, practice makes perfect ;D


when you do it, try keeping the string as centered as possible (a good way to practice that is getting a konkave or centertrac bearing)so the yoyo won’t roll on the string. If the string feels a little short for you then change into a longer one(just above or on your belly button would be good)but just remember that the more you practice, the better you get so have fun and good luck! :wink:

(Hardcore_Max) #4

the binding is a problem because of the many string wraps around the bearing. A spacer kit for your DM is an easy way to keep the gap at a good size for doing tricks with multiple string wraps. For the first part of the trick I find it helps to keep your throw hand a litle bit lower than your non throw hand.

(YoYoBlaze) #5

First of all, KK bearings and Center Trac bearings don’t “help practice” centering string. They “help” you avoid the problem instead of fixing it.
If you want to fix the tilt, work on a straight throw. Look at the yoyo when it tilts and compensate for the tilt the next time you throw.
For Cold Fusion, String has no influence except for control. I, in 5ft, use very short string and had no problms learning the trick. It’s about PRACTICE. Go slow and speed up the more you get better with it.
When you get to the twirls, I believe you’re supposed to miss and not hit the string meaning you’re jsut twirling around your finger. If you’re doing that, there should be no problem with any snags


okay well im 12 and im kinda short and i use the string at full length just do that its way easier


you said you had a snagging problem?what helped me was when i did the three rolls was when you do them,dont hesitate.make sure you roll as quick and as fast as you can.this little trick helped me learn cold fusion on a DUNCAN MOSQUITO!