Skin the Gerbil


Whenever i do skin the gerbil my yoyo always runs out of spin time right after the somersault then you land it on the string. What would help stop this???


Throw harder, don’t pause it, or keep practicing until you complete the trick.

Happy Throwing! =]

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Yeah, this trick really isn’t too bad. What kind of yoyo do you have? You could do what I did and go out and buy a 130 dollar superstar that will spin FOREVER, but what will really help you is working on your throw. Just practive throwing trapezes that are really hard, and perfectly straight. Whenever you land a nice one, just go double on and start skinning that gerbil.

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You can have the strongest and straightest throw in the world, and still lose the spin towards the end of this trick. You need to make smooth motions, if you do anything else, the string will start winding up in your yoyo, giving it a ton of friction. Keep on practicing, you’ll get the hang of it.

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When you hit the string bounce back off… The longer you stay on the more it slows the yoyo… So be quick and bouncing


Also, try to land the string as close to the gap as possibly. The more the strings are hitting anything besides the bearing the faster it will lose its inertia (spin, in this case).


At first, I had a lot of trouble learning the first part-the somersault. I actually just learned this whole trick about a week ago. I see you are probably using a dark magic, which is what I use. On the somersault you want to push into the string, and make your hand follow it around. As you do this, pretend you are holding a cup. As the yoyo comes back around, you want to land the yoyo in that cup. As in, you want to land the yoyo between your hand and your body. That is the best way I can describe it. Hope I helped!


through it harder


I’m assuming you know how to do the trick. For me, it doesn’t lose spin at all. The reason it loses spin is because of these:

Bad string tension - Yes, if you have tight string tension, the strings will try their best to wind up around the yoyo, and cause it to snag. It also makes it harder to slide across your fingers.

Sweaty/Sticky Fingers - Yes, sticky/sweaty fingers makes the strings unable to slide across your fingers. In fact, sliding the yoyo in a trapeze is a way to wind up your yoyo. If you have smooth fingers, the string will slide across, and it wont wind up. If you pinch the string or have sticky fingers, it will wind up. Wash your hands before yoyoing, and dry them thoroughly.

Wrong throw - Yes, some people can’t do breakaways, so they do sleepers instead, and this makes the spin of the yoyo against the direction that the string is moving, so it winds up more easily.

Uber Tight gap - Yes, if you have an uber tight gap, loosen it a bit.

When you have these 4 things, the yoyo will do this while skinning it.,3457.0.html&feature=player_embedded

Problem with upwards bind and skin the gerbil...
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Try practicing smooth motions by going into a trapeze and sliding the yo-yo on the string from your freehand to your throwhand and vice versa. Try to do this without the yo-yo snagging and keep your movements smooth and continuous.