Help with trick!

So I’m trying to learn the trick that is shown in the above video but having some difficulties. When I get onto the front mount I bring my throw hand down so that I can push the string around for the brain twister, but as the video says, when it comes around you need to separate your hands by pulling your throw hand up away from your non throw hand. What I don’t understand is that when you pull your throw hand up while in the front mount it starts to wrap the string around the yoyo which just kills the spin.

I have this same issue when I attempt skin the gerbil. I get onto the trapeze and then bring my throw hand into the string to do the flip but then as I pull my hands apart to land back on the trapeze in the double trapeze position, the string wraps around the yoyo and my spin dies.

I hope this explanation is clear enough. Just wondering if I am doing something wrong in attempting these tricks. Looking for any tips to help me out.

I believe your problem is the width of the yoyo. Whenever the string doubles up it grips against the side slowing the spin. So the bigger the width the easier this trick and Skin the Gerbil will be.

A way to control this is to just make it faster so it has no time to slow down. :smiley: