Help with beginning of Skin the Gerbil!

I need help with this trick. At the start when you kinda do a sideways braintwister in a trapeze, the yoyo always snags and hits me in the hand. Sometimes it even gets a knot. What do I do? :S

if your a beginner and your using a yoyo with a small gap width you will find that this happens the best thing to do is get as much momentum as you can berfore it does this move so that it pushes right through the “snag”.

I’m using DMII

Are you hands sticky? If your hand hold on to the strings, the string can build up in the yoyo when moved. Try to make your trapeze loop super big and then slide across the trapeze to make the loop small. When you do this, does your yoyo snag? If it does, try to adjust your finger so then the string can glide smoothly on your finger.

I think the lad may be referring to the Oliver Twist. It screwed me up for a week or two.
There are only a couple of tuts for it, ReThink has the best one, so if that is your problem the first sequence of STG, learn the Oliver Twist alone and then go into a lindy loop…
Skin the Gerbil is a Combo essentially, with flourishes(they make the trik) that Doc Popular …ummm…popularized(I am not fond of the word invented in this sense, it is like a person saying I invented a painting IMO). Anyhow… Skin the Gerbil is a great move for getting into some good momentum and control.
I will try to break it down, then you can specify what troubles you.
STG Starts from a trapeze, swing the yoyo gently CCW into a Oliver Twist, straight into a Lindy Loop, roll out into a Somersault back to trapeze swinging CW into throw-hand trapeze remount over your pointer finger and land on all strings thingy(not sure what that move is called, sort of like a side mount Bartholomew mount),roll out, into trapeze into Lindy Loop, PSYCH MISS the string on first loop, and then land on string second loop(completing the LindyLoop but with an extra wrap), roll out(2 times) into trapeze, and that’s about it. You can bind and celebrate if you just got it, or start working it into longer combos.
Now I’m sure there are other who could describe SkintheGerbil better, but if I made a mistake, just point it out and Ill correct it, I hope I got it pretty well.
And hopefully this will help you too be able to identify the trik/move as just a series of smaller moves, which is what ALL YoYo moves, or tricks if you like, are.
Peace out.

I’m using DMII
Check your string tension. My DMII has no problem with it as long as my string tension is loose.

Also are you using the thin bearing? If you are, it will snag a LOT.

Is it old string? Try replacing it. String on string friction from an old string can cause the yo-yo to slow down or bind on some yo-yos.

I take it you are using the thin bearing?
Well this trick you need to let the string slide around your finger and through the gap as well. try doing trapeze, after you are there slide the yoyo back and forth, from hand to hand. Feel how the string go’s through the gap and around your finger. That is the feeling you should have while doing skin the gerbil. I hope that helps.

when I come out of the second part of this trick and go to do the third part the yoyo seems to grab at the string as it travels back and terribly slows down practically screwing my chance of completing the trick…perhaps I need some spacers?

Nope just better technique. Keep practicing.

Everyone hates to hear it, but I bet 95% of the time, it just comes down to more practice/experience.
Practice a lot of different stuff, so then you don’t get bored or frustrated, some tricks like say Ninja Vanish, and Boingy Boing simply took me practicing it a bit each day, Id practice each for like 5-10 minutes, and then do stuff I can do better.At first it totally sucked, but slowly you get better, boingy took like two months, N.V. took about ten days.
Keep practicing.