Skin The Gerbil- Help

So I was learning skin the gerbil, and after I do the swing, the first step, you have to land into a double trapeze right??? But the problem is the string is binding when I do that… Any ideas?

Loosen the gap.

loosen the gap :slight_smile:

No… when I do then swing, the yoyo is half way between the strings… or roughly in the middle of the trapeze. When I do a double trapeze???, I need the yoyo to be more on my left, and when I pull it to my left, it binds, and snaps to my hands…

Oh! I think I understand. See if this vid helps.

sorry… but not really ;D I’m trying to move the yoyo from my right side to the left… and it just binds, like you’re trying to bind.

don’t let any slack

No… I’m kinda confused about this right now… It’s that after the spin/ backwards braintwister, I need to move the yoyo further to the left to do the double trapeze, but when I move it to the left, it binds.

What yo-yo are you using?

If you are trying to land the double-on trapeze closer to your left (i’m assuming non-throwhand) and you get any slack, try moving your throwhand with a quick motion to the right to take up the slack and force the yo-yo down and closer to the left hand. Take it slow at first. Although, I will say that there is nothing wrong with landing in the middle of the strings, it just makes it easier to land when closer to the left.

Also make sure you are swinging the yo-yo properly and not twisting it accidentally (i.e. binding it). This was my problem when I started.

knobbemoki1 gives good advice. Also, since I don’t know your skill level or anything, I’m assuming you’re throwing a breakaway (away to your right). If you throw a sidestyle sleeper (to your left) and then try doing the trick it will bind every time. A good description of this behavior can be found here:

under “Spin of the yo” half way down the page.

Mind the gap…

do you mean everytime you do a trapeze and let the yo slide down the string, the yo binds and stops? ifthat is the case make the gap wider and the yo less responsive

americanfanclub is right, and I have a DM. Even though the gap is as wide as possible, the string just winds up inside it… like I’m binding when I’m not. I still can’t stop doing that… unless I go slow, and just let the string go very slowly.s

Dunno. It’s hard to tell without seeing you doing it. It “sounds” like you’re doing everything right. All I can say is if you can do it slow then start slow and work your way up. This is the only trick that this happens? Even a wide gap can bind under the right conditions. I guess there’s just a lot that could be going on here.

Okay, simply, or not, what’s happening is when I land a trapeze, and move the yoyo from right to left, the string winds in the middle, and it binds… and I don’t like that.

you need lube or thinner strings, my dm can go pretty far apart before the string gets stuck next to the bearing

I got it ;D the string was too slack, so I just pulled a tight trapeze. Ty

it’s not really a gap issue. gerbil can be done on a yo-yo with a really thin gap. make sure your string tension is pretty neutral, and work on not allowing any slack into your freehand.
as with all things, it’s just practice.

The gap is probably too tight to go double on Trapeze…loosen it

It’s okay?

I had the same problem