Help with skin the gerbil


I have been really trying to get my skin the gerbil but every time after the backwards brain twister I can’t go to the double trapeze without binding it and really hurting myself :’(, please help!


The key is to make sure there’s absolutely no slack at all. When you’re going into the double trapeze, do it with a bit more force. Other than that, check string tension, bearing responsiveness and move quickly.

You’ll get it soon!



If you clean the bearing it might help aswell.


I will try!


A fresh response will usually cause it to bind unexpectedly so also make sure to break it in before attempting the trick again. I usually just bind it back and forth a few times.


I just did this tricks 3 out of 5 times with breeze but the one thing that i can’t do is that when you start with an Oliver twisted , i can’t do that . Can someone help me with , the rest i can rather do it smoothly

Nevermind , i can do it perfectly now ^^