skin the gerbil help

I am stuck on skin the gerbil

And…? What are you stuck on? Need more information! does not compute

we cant help if we dont no what part your suck on needs more detale.

Try a sharper knife :smiley:


Happy Throwing! =]

It was a joke.


Happy Throwing! =]

A pretty funny one too

The most common problem is every one’s yoyo dies in the middle of the trick… In which case, you need to:
Throw harder
Work on tilt control, and
dont linger… I noticed when I was learning this trick that if you hit the string and sit there, the wrappage from the string will slow the yoyo down…

LOL!!! :smiley:

Like Mitsch said, work on the stronges and straightest throw possible. this help help a lot during this trick. Another thing and the main thing about this trick is to get everything down in one lfuid motion. If you have to, break down the trick into individual steps. pactice each step and combine the steps until you eventually finsih the trick

totally random and off topic but me too.


shld we get back to the topic now? ???

No… Did you notice, this is the posters only post? He probably forgot about the site… We need to just let this thread die…

Or he just isn’t having any problems at the time. You never know.

if your yo-yo stop spinning the halfway of the trick…it is smoothness problem rather than throw…

while ddoing this trick…you should always maintain your hand in line (‘straight’) to prevent the string touching IGR as well as response which slows down your yoyo alot

hope u can understand wat i mean

it’s a pretty old topic that doesn’t need to brought back up. I bet he already figured out the trick.
Good advice though.