Cold Fusion

Ok, so m up to the trick cold fusion… I can do it, but i cant get the part after double or nothing quickly like andre. Ive practiced for at least 3 hours over the last few days to ge it quicker, not much improvement after this point… When i try to swing it and pop it over quickly it always land son both strings or misses completely. Any tips? Here’s a video, tell me ifim doing it right and if theres something im missing, i really wnt o get it quick like andre :slight_smile:

trim.VmPRFY.MOV (1.14 MB)

Try to think of the motion as the yoyo is “Swinging” into the 2 strings and that may help with your problem and the overall flow of the trick

yes i understand, but like whenever i try to swing the yoyo quickly it catches on both strings or misses completely

I started doing it in super slow motion, and slowly started speeding it up. That muscle memory has to be there. Then, it happens so fast, the brain (or maybe its just my brain :P) doesn’t have enough time to process every little thing that’s going on. Hence, “it just happens”. At that point, it’s just reflex.

Edit: after thinking about, I just described how we learn almost all tricks, so that probably won’t help much.

Yea thats what im doing but i cant get it any faster after a point and ive practiced this trick for a few hours over the oast ew days