Cold fusion/Mcbride rollercoaster questions

Got some questions about these tricks and i was wondering if anyone could help me.

  1. cold fusion- I have learned how to do the full trick, but the second part after the double or nothing doesn’t look right. Even though i am doing it as fast as the guy in the tutorial video (On this site) the yo yo doesn’t swing back and forth as much as it does when that guy does it. Is their a specific methord or something?

  2. Mcbride roller coaster- Whenever i go to do the sideways around the world the yo yo tilts outwards, making it really hard to land the one and a half mount and killing the spin speed, how do you prevent this?
    Any and all advice would be appreciated.

You don’t have to swing it back and forth like Andre.
He swings the yoyo across from a string to another, like a monkey swinging on vines in a jungle.

He goes into one string and bounces back on the other. Notice he closes his hands quite close when he does that. That give the slack string. More slack string, the further your yoyo will bounce.

If you do it like him, it looks like boing-boing.

All you need is practice. It’s very easy to nail this slight-of-hand move.

Cold Fusion: For your problem here, just practice doing what it is your supposed to do and eventually you’ll get faster. “Practice leads to smoothness, and smoothness leads to speed” -(in the wise words of Fatstrings). Just make sure your doing it right and speed will come later.

McBride Roller Coaster: Just practice getting into the 1/2 mount without the “world tour” (sideways around the world). Then just practice doing the entire trick minus the world tour. After you can get into a 1/2 mount smoothly then add the world tour. You can also practice keeping your world tour “straight and true.” That will make adding in the 1/2 mount in much easier.

My best advice for however, is just to practice. Eventually you’ll just “get it.” Hope this helped. :wink: