yoyo tilts during mcbride rollercoaster

hey guys im learning mcbride rollercoaster and by the time i get to i guess the “rewind mount” my yoyo has tilted so much i cant complete the trick, any advice on keeping the yoyo vertical?

Here is the deal, your string= / and your yoyo= 8 the string needs to be like this ---- and stay not touching the sides of the yoyo, pretty much just practice.

What cameron said, you need to keep your string strait. The best way to do this is just practice, it will almost inevitabley work itself out. It’s one of those things that gradually gets better no matter what your doing with your yoyo. Also, you can push the stirng is oposite directions to straighten the yoyo if it’s landed on a string.
O -------O------ this being normal
___/ something like that