McBride Rollercoaster final roll

I’m having a (really) hard time figuring out the last movement of the McBride Rollercoaster, the one where you roll under and over your non throw hand 1 1/2 times. In the video I watched with Andre, he says you’ll land on either one or two strings but he doesn’t really elaborate and I can’t see the video slow enough. I consistently land on none or three strings, not one or two. Does this problem sound familiar to anyone , or can anyone recommend a slower video? I think it could be a simple problem, but I’d love to know what I’m screwing up. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance


I honestly think thisis the easiest part of the trick. Ur in a trapeze, stickur TH index finger in the loop and spread it out like andre then ur goingto swing the yoyo a full rotation to the left twice, then remove ur TH index from the loop and swing theyoyo with ur NTH index our right two full rotations to go back to a trapeze and bind

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The thing that throws me off is that I’m trying to land on “one or two strings” and not three. When I land on three I can still roll it out twice into the trapeze but I can’t figure out how I am catching so many strings

yea im not sure what andre meant wen he said that but if ur rolling it out twice to get bavk to a trapeze like u said ur doing it right.