McBride rollercoaster


i have done everything i can think of to get it down, but still no breakthroughs.
i can get everything easily except for that last move.
can you guys give me some tips to help me so i can finish the trick?


Do a Trapeze, and insert both pointer fingers in it so it looks like a triangle.

Rock the yo-yo to your left over the 2 pointer fingers. Once you have it, do it again.

Drop the string on your throwhand pointer finger, and rock the yo-yo to your right twice, and you’ll be in a Trapeze.

Hope this helped!

(Mitch) #3

Just throw trapezes and practice practice practice,

The thing about the last move thats nice is its just a trapeze…

Good luck!

(SR) #4

Here’ how you do the whole trick-

Start with a Breakaway but continue swinging it around one full time in front of your body, also known as a World Tour. (Like a sideways around the world.) Finally land it into a One And A Half Mount. Swing all the way out of it around back into a Trapeze and his Bro. (Bounce the yo-yo off the string and land backwards on your throwhand pointer finger. To do this, you will have to stick out your thumb or middle finger of your non-throwhand to grab the string.) Swing that off the string all the way back into a Double or Nothing. Drop the string off your throwhand pointer finger and roll back into Trapeze, dismount. Youre done! :wink:

Like Smoke said, practice, practice, practice.


Are you left handed?

If so, swing to your right.

If you’re left handed and are swinging to your left, that can cause problems.

Hope that helps!


thanks guys, i appreciate it.
i will try what all you guys said and i will try to keep you updated.
any other suggestions will still be helpful


What’s happening when you try to hit the last move?


when i do the last move it will hit all of the srings instead of one or two and just bounce off and die or fall sideways


I had a little trouble with that part as well when I first started learning the trick. So I just practiced that element individually till I could land it consecutively, then worked on the completed trick. The way it lands it looks like it’s not right, but when I drop the throw hand strings it’s fine.


thanks for all your help. i finally landed it one time, so now i know i can do it i just gotta practice and try to stay calm when i keep messing up :wink: