the last part of mcbride roller coaster...


i have been working on mcbride roller coaster and can’t figure out the last part. i watched the tutorial and it says the yoyo will land on either one or two strings, but how can you get any seperation in that cluster of strings? i just get a big mess. every once in a while i can get it to pop out and bind back but most of the time it hits too many strings and doesn’t stay straight afterwards. i hope my description makes since b/c i am struggling with that part.


Check out this video as well, and see if it helps.


Lol it doesnt matter which string it hits. It works hitting 1, the other 1, and both strings it will still work. if you drop it early, you can drop it without hitting any strings o.0


Put your thumb in the last string coming around and pull inward,it seperates the mess, that is what I do.


perfect!!! that’s what i needed to know. i can hit it every time now. thanks!