McBride Roller Coaster

I just can’t finish McBride Roller Coaster. I can’t do the dismounting of the double or nothing, and when I get out of it incorrectly I cant finish it.

P.S I can do the matrix, and rewind. But I can’t get into a good double or nothing. :frowning:
But my main problem is the last part.

I had trouble with this part too. When you dismount from double or nothing make sure that when you pull your finger out that its lined up with the yoyo gap, this way the string will fall into it and therefore making it possible to “roll” out into a trapeze. If its double or nothing itself your having trouble with then just practice that trick alone. The way I learned it was by breaking it into two steps. Just start by doing the world tour into a one and half mount then dismount to the “rewind position” then just drop everything. Then I would practice the second part by itself. Just start from a double or nothing and the dismount, roll, throw the yoyo over a couple times then roll out. Watch Andre’s video a couple more times. Its very helpful :slight_smile: