Ok so I am brand new to yoyo-ing i just got my kickside last thursday. I have two questions for those of you that are futher than me.

  1. I have just started to land my trapeze and my yoyo will die almost instantly after I get it off (one time it died on it) I think I may have to throw harder or use the shoot up method, please tell me.
  2. Since I am new to yoyo-ing I need a decently responsive yoyo. I have the kickside but sometimes when I throw my sleeper it will sleep and die. I have figured out that if i pull it up it will fall back into my hand. Any ways to fix. I can not do a bind return yet because, well to noobish

Thank you

Don’t worry, you will get there. And the kickside is a great beginner yoyo. One question, how long are your sleepers? If they’re more than like 15 seconds (I used to be excited when I did that!) then you’re probably hooking the response while you’re dismounting. To dismount, just pull your hands apart. That’s it. If you want, give it a little slack so the yoyo sags, then pull.

For the trapeze, it may be because your breakaway is tilted and you are not throwing hard enough. You need to flick your wrist. You release it earlier than full way.

For question 2, I would make sure if it is tilted and throw harder with a slight flick of the wrist. Also, do you mean that the yoyo is not coming back to your hand? If so, you need to full tighten the yoyo but not overtighten. Also, thick lube will make it more responsive at your level right now.

When you start tricks will be tough, but practice, practice, practice. I used an Mosquito from Duncan at first and was frustrated because I was not able to do any tricks before it spun out and died. Fast forward about 4 months and a few yo-yos latter, I picked up my sons Mosquito and used it the other day, I got in to the Ladder mount and still had some spin left in the yo-yo. It takes time don’t get frustrated and give up, it will be worth it when you look back and smile at the trouble you had with the trapeze. :wink:

When you dismount from trapeze, use flyaway dismount. This might be off-topic, but flyaway dismount is the reason I pick up my stealth raider sometimes.

I figured out my sleeper problem is that my yoyo was not tightened all the way. I may have a tilited yoyo on my breakaways thanks