I need help with my trapeze!

I need help with my trapeze. Whenever I throw the yoyo 5/10 it lands on the string. And once it lands on the string the yoyo leans sideways and falls off. Anyway of you guys can help me?


To get more consistent try to practice landing the yoyo closer to your non throw hand. This will give you less room for error and the yoyo will lineup easier.

For the tilting you just need to work on your throw. You’ll get a stronger/straighter throw with practice, there’s no secret or trick for that one other than spending time working on it. Keep at it and you’ll start landing it more!


One thing that helped me learn both trapeze and double or nothing was holding my elbows against my body when I throw. The additional tactile feedback of elbows touching body helped me get a better sense of when my throw and non-throw hands were in the same plane.


Ok! I will try!


I may only speak for myself but don’t freat missing a trapeze, been throwing a long long time and occasionally if I’m not paying attention ill wiff one :slight_smile:


I don’t have any tips to add that haven’t already been said, but I’d just like to add I myself missed the trapeze probably hundreds of times when I first tried to learn it as I am a very slow learner. At 5 out of 10 you’re already better than I was when I learned and now it’s harder for me to miss on purpose haha.

Whatever your pace is don’t worry too much if it feels like it’s taking a while.


Also once you land it, let some slack in the string (bring your hands together a little) so the yoyo is cradled in the trapeze. Make sure the string is parallel with the yoyo gap, so that it’s not rubbing the sides of the yoyo halves.


Once I get into my trapeze how do I bind the yo-yo? My friend said it will break the bearings if I bind from the trapeze position.

You must be very strong, or maybe your friend is wrong.

Ha, no dude your bearing won’t break unless you’re intentionally trying to break it, and even then you’d probably have to remove it from the yoyo to do it. The bind however from the trapeze is a little different, typically done from an under mount but you can also just turn to the side and use the same bind you already learned as well.