Breakaway/Trapeze Help?

Hi everyone! I’m working on getting a cleaner breakaway. I’ve made some good progress and I can land the trapeze the majority of the time, but my problem comes from transitioning to the man on the flying trapeze and his brother. I pop off the trapeze, swing to my throwing hand index finger then wrap and catch. By the time I’ve caught on this side, the yo-yo is leaning HARD and I only have a few seconds before the yo-yo starts to lean/tilt into a spin and kill my trick. I’m wondering if it had to do with how straight my trapeze/breakaway is/isn’t.

As far as I can tell, my strings are straight so I’m not sure why this is happening! Any help would be appreciated!


Keeping “in plane” is a major part of the finesse you will develop over time. Think of the place the yoyo is on the string, your throw hand where it contacts the string, and your non-throw hand where it contacts the string as three distinct points in space. Now imagine a flat pane of glass in front of you. The goal is to keep all three points on that plane and all your movements and the swing of the string in that plane.

This will help keep everything aligned straight which will help keep your yoyo from tilting and help maintain speed. When your play is “off plane” it causes the string to rub against the side of the yoyo which causes tilt and loses spin


Aha! I definitely haven’t been taking in-plane/off-plane into consideration being a beginner and all! I’ll definitely start thinking in these terms! Thanks for your help!


Hey man, glad to hear you’re learning some yoyo tricks!

I certainly agree with what Bobafret said, but I would also add practice slowly
Try and make all the movements relaxed and controlled. When I teach people the trapeze and his brother mount, most of them usually swing the yoyo off the trapeze too quickly. Just really take the time to get the trick comfortable before doing it quickly.

The skill will certainly come, just try and do a little everyday :smiley:


Yea, this is all about playing in plane. I imagine based on the description of your issue that you are playing with an unresponsive yoyo?

Either way, just practice it over and over, trying to get it to be a smooth transition that you can do with your eyes closed. You can’t just chuck the yoyo out in any direction after landing on a string; you have to direct it with both hands.


That’s a great point! I definitely have some room to slow things down a bit and be more deliberate. Thank you!


Thank you!! And you are correct this is with an unresponsive!