Trapeze Triangle Slack

I’m not really understanding Andre’s video. In the beginning he catches the string before letting it fall. But in the rest of the video he simply lets the string fall. I’m confused on what’s the right move.

your suppose to let the string fall he catches it to show the movements better

This might help. It is the first/second part:

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Don’t catch it, he was catching it to show you how it was related to the under whip wrist mount.

Its good to know Under Whip Wrist mount. You do the same motion, but don’t catch the slack, and let it fall into the gap of the yoyo. This is something like hidemassa hook. Instead of just letting it fall into the slack, bring your throwhand forward after you whip, before it hits the gap.

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If you watch the whole video, it was just to make doing the actual whip easier. You know, to see how it works.

Oh whoops, my bad. Yeah, it makes the whip easier by catching it first then dropping. But its very important to know the cheese whip first. The under whip.

Thanks Kim-Lan for the vid and RSmod for the bringing the hand forward part to me. Helped a lot :slight_smile: