trapeze help

hey i just started yoyoing and whenever i try to do a trapeze it wraps around my non throwhand finger twice and i can never get it to land on the string. any suggestions

Hey there. I’m guessing you are probably watching Andre’s videos right? In his videos do exactly what he says when you throw the breakaway. The higher up and out you throw the yoyo, the slower the swinging motion is going to be which in turn gives you more time to catch the yoyo on the string. Keep your eye on the yoyo and if you have to, move the string a little to make sure you catch it. Also keep your finger as close to the yoyo as possible so the yoyo does not have far to go.

But most importantly: practice, practice, practice.

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ya i have been watching Andre’s videos. also i have the imperial shape so i think i should probably buy a velocity or something with a butterfly shape.

Umm Imperial shaped yoyos are for 2 A, or double A here. You want a butterfly shaped yoyo, that makes it easier. It takes practice.

Yeah you would need to purchase something new. You could get the Velocity or the One from Yoyofactory. The Lyn Fury or the Legacy from Yoyojam. Or the Freehand from Duncan. Any of those would work. I started off with a Pocket Pro Vampire which lasted like 3 weeks before that POS fell apart and got the Freehand and that worked well for a while before I bumped it up a notch with a Dark Magic.

I have a velocity and a dark magic 2and they both work great it all depends on the price you want?

  1. You should buy a butterfly shape yoyo because it is easier to catch the yoyo on the string with butterfly shape yoyos, but when you can do it proficiently, you can easily do trapeze with the imperial shape yoyos.
  2. Practice break away.
  3. try to keep your non throwhand finger near the yoyo because it will be easier to catch the yoyo on the string when you do it. Believe me, I had tried to do like this and I had succeeded!

Learn to do it on an imperial and you will be forever awesome. :wink:

Practice throwing in front of something that is parallel to you… Like play yoyo just in front of your bed or near a wall, or anything that will put a straight line in front of you.

The ‘horizontal line’ of the bed or wall will help program your brain to keep everything in line, and soon you’ll be busting a Trapeze on the thinnest imperial…

Darn tootin’. I learned on a yomega fireball back in the day. These high fanangled yoyo’s now-a-days make everything effortless.

technically you can do it with an imperial. how do you think people learned back in the day? :smiley:
but yeah, depending on your price range, there are plenty of good throws for when you’re starting out.