Transforming catalyst


I have a limited edition augie fash black with silver splash catalyst can I put hubstacks on its like the new ones simply by getting a longer axle and buying a hub kit?

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Yes. Hubstacks are pretty much universal…


Does yyf make a longer axle that will fit the catalyst

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The stock axle is made to fit it… If you need a replacement YYE has them. It tells you which one. Pretty sure it’s an 8mm axle.


My axle is flush with my yoyos outside there is no spot for hubstacks

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Then you don’t have a hub stacked catalyst hahahaha… The new one is a slightly modified design to use stacks.


I know that I don’t have the new one I am wanting to know if I can mod my old to be like the new


You can probably stack it with a longer axle, but pretty sure you have to force the axle out the side of the yoyo which will damage it a little.


I’m not sure the design of the catalyst completely, but I believe that you would be able to stack it just the same as you would a dv888. There are several tutorials on how to do that out there.
To my understanding, it’s just getting a longer axle, getting the stacks off a pgm, and putting them on the catalyst.

Do note though, that doing it that way, you won’t be able to take it apart without removing one of the stacks.

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You can, but stacks aren’t really beneficial.


according to you…
If he likes stacks, then they are beneficial.