Transforming a Peak from Gold to Fireworks.. :)

Ok I got a hold of some paint. :slight_smile:

The victim this time my fools gold Gold Nugget Peak. I never was wild about that colorway but the thing just plays awesome so I always kept it.

Anyways this paint im using is induced by DIRECT BRIGHT LIGHT. Under normal conditions its black as can be. Jet Black really.

But you hit some direct light to it and WHAMMO colors shoot out in a insane kaleidoscope of beauty.

Plain Light

Direct Bright Light using a Flash

That’s beautiful! I would pay for a paint job like that.

Clear Coat is on… Its off to cure…


Haha I can see you in that last picture. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s beastly, again. Where do you keep finding these random awesome paints?

friend works for a high end automobile customization shop.

What he gives me isnt worth keeping to them since it wont do anything but sit on the shelf. Since there is little left.

So he gives it to me knowing I can do 1-4 yoyos with that amount. :slight_smile:

I would love to see a yo-yo painted with heat reactive paint.

I agree.

Shes done cant wait for a week or so till I can play with her safely…

Inside normal light…

Ouside Sunlight

O.O beautiful…

And now she is inside curing…

Last photo…

Amazing paint job. The orange string looks great with the yo-yo.

That is so awesome Brett!!! :o

this baby would look awesome if you would do some gyro’s and while it’s spinning it like turns from black to the awesome sparkle colors. do you think you can do that?

Yeah, the more I look at it, the more I cannot resist one of my own. We’ll talk later :wink:

Holy Moly, Thats Awesome I WANT that so bad on my DV888 and Marmont :o wow