New Paint, this time a PEAK :)


Me <3 Peak

My favorite of your so far.


That looks so awesome Brett!

I have a few questions I’m a bit courious about…

This color changing paint, I hear its really expensive. How much would an average sized paint bucket cost? (I think its a gallon, not quite sure…) I’m not interested in buying it, just courious.

Also, when you paint these, it doesn’t look like it would grind super good, how does it grind?

And when you paint the yoyos, is the paint so even that the yoyo is still smooth?


Peak <3

the Paint is $1300 a gallon

it doesnt grind at all

and if your good it wont change the play or smoothness of the yoyo.

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Thanks Brett.

Hand it over now! :stuck_out_tongue:

AKA I am soo jelous. ::slight_smile:

Was that the Fools Gold Gold Nugget Peak?

could you clear coat and blast it?

Yes sir…

No, because anodizing is a process in which you oxidize the aluminium to make a coat of anodization. Since there is no aluminium in contact, the process is pretty much impossible.

Also, to Brett. I had a feeling it was.

How much does each paint job cost? Can i do it?

You would make A LOT of money if you had some sort of limited time company… $1300 DOLLARS A GALLON??? Although, you got some sort of deal or got it for free, didn’t you…

That is one super de duper awesome yoyo! ;D

I wonder how much you could sell that for. Considering the amount of paint you used plus the initial fee of the yoyo…

Too much math. :stuck_out_tongue:
Awesome yoyo. Always love seeing stuff from you. Nice job.

just…tooooo…sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet (which wrestler was it that said that?)