Hows this for a paint job .. AND FINISHED PICS INSIDE

Well got a line on a little bit of Dupont Chromalusion from a friend. This paint is uber expensive but man it flips like no other…

Colors flop from Reds to Blues, to Purples, To Greens.


sooooo goood!!! ;D

So sweet. You don’t mind if I jack it, do you? :stuck_out_tongue:

it looks so… shiny…must resist…

that is gorgeous so sexy

And finished now to cure for a few weeks…

Lokks so awesome…



Man…now I have to do one…you’ve inspired me.

That is one of the most amazing looking yoyo paint jobs ever.

Ah, cool finished product! Once again, looks amazing, Brett. I want one, lol.

soo jealous… its amazing.

Awesome job, I remember seeing it on youtube a few weeks ago I believe. Any tips for people wanting to try that?


This is a different paint the other was Alsa Corp paint this is Dupont.

This paint is expensive its around $1300 a gallon. I have a friend who works in a high end customization shop and had this little bit left over. Its not feasable for anyone to spend that kind of money on paint for a yoyo LOL…

I use a compressor and auto style gun which again isnt accessable to most people if any. Unless Dad is a old street rodder/painter.

my dad has a air brush gun from when he made models as a kid.

that might work if you can get enough pressure to atomize the paint right.

Now just to scrape $$$$ for the paint haha.

Aww, so not color changing paint :(. So you just used an airbrush for painting your yoyo? I would think the paint wouldn’t flow evenly. Or maybe it’s just because you a gee and the paint flows evenly for you lol

He used really expensive paint that changes color with the way light hits it. He spraypainted it.