New Paint Job!!


This is my Duncan Metal Drifter, I got bored of the original look so I painted it  :). It took about 12 hours to do but i felt like 12 weeks haha. It looks pretty cool if i say so myself! If you want a tut i will gladly make one for you guys! 


Wow, that looks great, very clean. That’s a nice drifter color if I do say so myself :wink:


A really nice color, but does it stay on? Also, how did you get the splash affect?

(WildCat23) #4



Well as far as i know yes haha its only been done for about 4 hours now, and for the splash affect i took some testers modeling paint and dipped a small paint brush in the paint and flicked the paint off, like a whip, onto the yoyo it turned out better than i thought it would haha


I almost didn’t recognize the yoyo for a second…Very nice Paint job…I like the blue contrasting the white, very artistic and precise. Good Job, looks great!

(YoYo_Freak) #7

Dang… That is sweet! Howd you do it? I might try it with mine :slight_smile:


I will make a tutorial soon, it was actually really easy and kinda fun.


should i add more colors or is ok the way it is??


That is pretty amazing. Have you painted any more advanced yoyos? Or was this your first?


Cool :o


Thanks! and no this was my first but im planning on doing much more :slight_smile:


Very impressive man. Top quality.

Did you achieve that beautiful base with a brush? Or did you use an airbrush?

It’s obvious the splash was brush produced. I don’t know why people can’t understand how it is achieved…you put a blob on your brush and fling it. Voila.

I wouldn’t change a thing. Except a layer of clear coat if you haven’t.

And guys…all paint chips eventually.


I mean by scratching it with your nail, and a little surprised that flinging the paint on with a brush works.


Very good for your first.


Very Cool indeed. I love the way your spash came out :smiley:



haha your actually going to be very surprised but I just used white spray paint…


If you guys want me too i will do it to yours you just have to pay shipping both ways :wink:


Spraypaint? Wow man. That’s incredible.

I’d be excited to see what you can do with an airbrush. Next Levi? ;D


It works quite well. I paint CW’s all the time. It literally involves making a base coat and than flinging the splash.

I know what you mean though. With all the layers and attention to detail it takes to paint a base you’d think one layer of splash would look crappy.

Check it out.

The Black/Silver/Gold one isn’t the best example…I applied too much clear coat which washed out the silver and gave the gold pips a greenish hue.

But as you can see on the Orange/Metallic Blue die it came out pretty nice. I let the blue drip a bit to give it more coverage…on a few sides I left it a much finer splash.


COOL! Im going to use an air brush for my next one so im pretty excited ill post pictures