Color Changing Project 2 ROUND 3: Gold to Magenta this time

That’s sick.

And I facepalmed to myself there because I thought the color was actually changing, not that the light was reflecting a different color (which in essence is the same thing, but I think you know what I mean.)

amazing it looks like it was actually changing colors like brian said

very nice

you should start a buisness

Just wait for when I take this outside in the sun :slight_smile:

You can just make a living selling paint jobs for yoyos :stuck_out_tongue:

I really wanna see that spinning. That would be like… that time when you see the bright light ahead of you and your thinking, ‘Wait am I dead?’ But then Mr.T comes out of nowhere and slaps you awake.
I really dont know what I just said but could yo take a picture while its spinning?