Transaction cancelled and money taken from my credit card. How to get itt!

>:(I ordered my yoyo and it said transaction cancelled and the money from my credit card was deducted! YOYOFACTORY COULD U JUST SHIP ANOTHER ONE TO ME OR GIMME MY MONEY BACK >;(

I would suggest you send an email to the store you bought it from rather than post here.

Calm down.

Step away from the keyboard 2 steps.

Take a few deep breaths.

Now, are you ready to listen?

1: First, it can take a few days for credit card refunds to hit your account. How long has it been? I once had to wait 10 days, but I think it took a few days before the place credited my deposit back as it was for a gear rental.

2: Where did you buy it from? Be calm, be polite, be SANE. You’re not happy, but you don’t have to be a ranting loony.

3: YYF should just ship another one? It sounds like one didn’t even finish being purchased. What, you want one for free? Yeah, don’t we all, right? But, something for nothing? Not likely to happen.

4: If you’re buying from YYE, they buy from YYF. YYF has already been paid. That’s how it works. YYE buys their inventory for YYF merchandise from YYF. Once YYE receives it, they make it available for purchase. You are buying from YYE, not having it drop shipped form YYF. Unless there is a defect in the yoyo, YYF isn’t going to do anything at this point as it’s on YYE. But, I’m assuming you bought from YYE and I could be very much mistaken by assuming that.

A lot of things can happen for a credit card transaction to be cancelled without what you feel is justified reasons. This could be unusual credit card activity, or maybe you were buying cheap stuff and now you spend “big” and they went “woah! This isn’t normal for this account”, or they noticed an internet purchase, which again, was unusual and slammed the breaks on it. The merchant might have had a database burp and they over-sold an item and so they cancelled the transaction without telling you why and you’re just waiting for it to resolve itself.

Feel a bit better now?

Studios right about credit card account credits. I’ve had some credits from returned or cancelled purchases not hit my account until the next billing cycle. It definitely won’t be immediate, if this just happened there’s a good chance the initial charge hasn’t even actually taken place.