Me. Help. Now!

I Ordered:

Yyj DM2
Yyj Go Big
Yyj Equinox
Yyj Bag
Yyj “slacker” t-shirt
Konkave bearing
Yyf response

But the order got sent back, how can I get it?

What do you mean it got sent back?


The order got sent back? Like returned to sender?

If it did, you probably gave YYE the wrong address.

I don’t know my dad did it is there any way I can get it back

Yuki it got sent back to YYE

Your dad sent it back?

No, there isn’t, unless your dad went and picked it up, but I doubt he could even do that.

Let us completely understand the situation. Are you saying the package arrived at your house and your father refused to accept delivery and had the package returned to sender? If this is the case why did he choose to do that. How was the merchandise paid for? Was it by use of your father’s credit card? Is he challenging the purchase? All the pieces don’t seem to be fitting together here. Are there some details you are failing to mention?

If the payment for the material has been accepted by YoYoExpert they will most assuredly make certain you receive it all. I have had stuff returned before and when the original sender got it back they just turned it around and mailed it back out to me again.

I assure you YYE is not going to take your money and not deliver your things. You’ll get it all if it has indeed been paid for.

I meant my dad wrote the shipping info not return it, the Go Big was actually for him, the rest for moi.

We were both really upset :frowning:

We want to know how we can get our order, USPS sent it back, not my dad.

Why did USPS send it back?

Contact USPS?

When YYE gets it back they probably can just send it back, just make sure you get the address.

Thanks but how can I send the right address (I’m going to do it this time)

Have your dad email them explaining the situation.

I’d like to see the tracking information, which can be PM’ed to me.

I’ve heard nothing but oddities tied to this order. It’s not making sense. I am also suspect since you ordered a YYF response, and you’re definitely pro-YYJ(me too but that’s irrelevant).

Something ain’t adding up. If USPS is delivering Parcel post, there’s three things that can happen from YYE orders:
1: Over a certain amount, YYE wants delivery confirmation, so an adult signature. If nobody is around to sign, it can take up to 14 days before they say “no claim, send it back”, but they’ll usually make 2 more attempts. You can take the pink slip and go to the postal service location on that to get it.

2: It might get left at the door if no signature required

3: It might get left in the larger compartment in those community mail boxes if it can fit.

Then again, maybe it arrived at the wrong location and that person said “not mine, send it to the right person” and it got mistaken.

You also claimed it got held up by customs.

Sorry, kinda in a bad mood right now. Going to Costco does that to me. But, I’m just bringing up stuff that came up.

Do trust me on this:
YYE’s customer service is astoundingly EXCELLENT. World class, stellar, good, freakin’ amazing!!! You will be taken care of. They want you happy. Heck, I’m not tied to them and I want you happy.

I’m also planning more purchases from YYE, so regardless of what goes down, I’m still gonna shop here. I have had issues with orders, all have been fixed. I’ve even made mistakes. I know and provide great customer service, and YYE acts like I do in regards to this. if I didn’t like them, I wouldn’t buy. But I do, therefore I do.

My question still remains un-answered, how can I get the correct Address to YYE, so it doesn’t get sent back again

Studio42 I buy the YYF response because it lasts longer than the YYJ response

Kay but will they ship out fast or the same shipping we paid?


Provide to them the correct shipping address. If you’re getting mail, that will work just fine. I absolutely fail to see how customs would ever have gotten your package,

I’ve had packages MUCH bigger than that shipped to my house via various methods(USPS via first class, Express, Priority, UPS, FedEx), both in physical dimensions of the box and price of the contents. Heck, I even had a 40-foot trailer park in front of my house and offload 8 subwoofers, 4 amp systems and 4 top/mains. Each item cost around $4K each. Or a $75K console in a road case, 86 inches wide, over 48 inches tall and I think over 18 inches deep, weighing in at around 320 pounds before I added 80+ pounds of cabling into the doghouse area.

When you get a chance, learn to silicone your yoyos. You’ll save money. In the meantime, I have some YYF pads layng around. I might throw that into one of my YYJ’s and see how it takes.

Takes awesome man, popped some into the Axiom I bought from Zammy (which I fixed :slight_smile: ) works Great! And the silicone lasts a heck of a lot
longer! I know I want to learn yet at the same time I don’t want to risk it.

I totally know the feeling, but sometimes you just gotta get outside your comfort zone and take a chance. The good thing is that unless you’re doing a mod that requires tools(such as cutting a silicone recess, re-shaping, re-taping), most mods like bearing swaps and response material are fairly simply to undo and go back to how you had it.

I’m doing some stuff how with bearings to try to bring back some questionable bearings. It’s gonna take quite a bit of effort and is well outside what I feel comfortable with. I have bearings I’m otherwise going to get rid of to practice this upon.

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Is this a joke? Click the contact button and email them… Why on earth would you ask us before asking the people who shipped your order?

Would customs ever hold on to a package that’s mail from and to within the United States?

They held on to mine, I really don’t know why,

When I heard about that via Facebook, my BS-o-Meter pegged red and sounded an alarm.

Something ain’t adding up.

I’m thinking it got intercepted and may be used to fill a stocking and become presents under a tree.

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