Anybody ever order something (Not from YYE), and get another persons order.


I just bought a OneStar last week from another retailer through a popular auction website. I was really looking forward to playing it today, but when I got to the Post Office and picked up the envelope I could tell that there was only string inside. The inside invoice was meant for another person in Virginia (I’m in Kentucky), and they had their phone number on the address so I tried calling. It turns out that the person who answered the phone had just got that number today, and has never heard of the people who ordered the string. Just wondering if this has ever happened to anybody, and if so what was done to fix the situation.

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Yeah. McDonald’s.


Just contact the retailer and they will fix you up. :wink:


been there done that. :confused:

But in all seriousness, that’s never happened to me, but one time I ordered from a different store (only because what I wanted yye didn’t have in stock), and they sent me the wrong colorway. I emailed and called the seller, and he had it corrected, albeit a little slowly. Could you contact the seller and see what’s up?

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I wasn’t dissapointed. I got like… a family of 6’s order. And didn’t pay any extra. Seriously, best day ever.


No, but they messed up my friend’s order and gave him a purple 888x instead of a ProtoStar.


Yep. I had a catalyst arrive from a different retailer. It was in a separate box from the order that I had placed although both arrived on the same day. I contacted the retailer and shipped the throw back to them.


The weird thing is that I was actually thinking about if that happened before I ever got the order. I was laying down to go to sleep and it’s just one of those thoughts that went through my head. Luckily I only ordered a 15 dollar yoyo, but I only got 6.00 dollars worth of crappy string. I contacted the seller through ebay which opened up a case against them, and I sent them an email through their website. Hope I can get it fixed quick. Also, yeah… McDonald’s messes orders up way too often.


Cook Out :p…


I wasn’t expecting a reply until Monday, but I got one. They apologized and said they would ship it out Priority on Monday and I could keep the strings I received.


UPS actually left what appears to be a box of text books at my door yesterday afternoon for someone named Sharran.

I’m not an educator of any kind and I sure ain’t no “Sharran”.



Your wife??? :p…


I’d think he’d know his own wife’s name.

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This all comes as quite a shock. I didn’t even know I was married! I feel I’ve been short changed on certain expectations of married life. She certainly has failed to contribute anything to the household budget or do one iota of housework. I wonder what she looks like. I’m mean I might be able to overlook the afore mentioned shortcomings if she’s a looker.

Not much chance of that.

You’d think the cat might have mentioned someone else was living with us.


Only ordering issue I have had happened with YYE. I ordered two sets of red YYR pads and they accidentally sent two YYR Dreadnoughts. I have no idea why they were so shocked when I called to explain the mistake and offered to send them back. :slight_smile:


Did they charge you for the pads or the Dreadnoughts?


YYE sent me a Stampede instead of a ZeuS one time, they fixed it, no big deal. Just contact the seller and i’m sure they’ll get your order sent out. Calling the other person is sort of weird tbh, let the retailer handle it.


Did you end up sending them back, or did they let you keep them? Imagine paying $6 for 2 Dreadnoughts…