Has this happened to anyone else?

Have any of you ordered something then, a week later it says its being returned to sender? If yes, How did that work out for you? What happened in the end? I ordered a mighty Flea, It came to my city, then went out for delivery, Got pulled back and its being returned to yye.

Actually, that just happened to me. Not from YYE, but a member here. Tracking said it had an “insufficient address”. It’s on it’s way back to him now.

Thats exactly the same thing that happened to me, only YYE and canadapost says it has the correct address in.

It might be a conspiracy.

The aliens have told me it was them and they’re sorry.

They said if you try again they won’t interfere :wink:

I had that happen once on a YYE order, but it was a touch more complicated.

I was basically marking around 50 pieces or more of junk mail “RETURN TO SENDER” a week and stuffing it back in the outbox. My postal carrier thought I had moved out or something. My carrier intercepted the package and sent it back to YYE. I called the post office to see what happened and I got the explanation of “it appeared I wasn’t there anymore due to all the mail being rejected”. I simply sai dI was tired of receiving the junk mail so I’d been marking that stuff “Return to Sender”. They let the local carrier know that "Please do deliver anything addressed to that guy, he’ll handle the rest.These days, the local carrier and I talk at least once a week, so all is good.

The story is also significantly more complicated. My idiot in-laws feel it’s acceptable to have their mail delivered to my house, and that also gets marked “Return to Sender” and/or “Recipient Unknown”. But that’s a while other story in and of itself.

In the end, my mail gets delivered. My junk mail has dropped significantly and my in-laws’ crap is starting to dwindle.

Mistakes happen.

Ive had this happened when I sent something but it came back to me. They might not have been able to read tha address or something along those lines, or yye entered the wrong adress somehow someway it happens just contact yye with your order number they will tell you more…