other store Policies

Hi Guys, I recently ordered a yyj Speed Maker and some other supplies from (edited).com. I’m 12, so I used my moms credit card. I accidentily filled out the billing address in my name. So, when i didn’t get the confirmation email the next day, my mom told me to order it again. I did, and the next day I got two confirmation emails for two orders. So, now I have two identical orders coming.

Anyway, does anybody have any experience in dealing with Other Guys return polices?

Thanks for all of your help!

No experience yet, but I am sure you can work something out. Try contacting them. I think it’s fine if you did it under your name in the first place.

Just e-mail them. They will work something out with you. Also, I don’t suggest putting up your problems with another site when this website is run directly under the YYE Store.

Very true, good advice.