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Has anyone ordered from YoYoGuy.com at all? I recently ordered from there and I’m somewhat disappointed. I ordered a bunch of strings on Saturday night, and paid with a credit card. Did I receive a confirmation email? No. Did I receive a tracking number? No. Did my card get charged? No.

So by this time I feel like an idiot, maybe I clicked the wrong button, or entered the email address wrong. I don’t know. So I decided to email them. I made mention that I entered all of my shipping, billing, and other information, but I received no confirmation, nor had my card been charged. I asked them if I need to replace my order.

So, this afternoon, I finally receive a confirmation email, without a single answer to anyone of my questions. It took Sunday, Monday, and halfway through tuesday to get a CONFIRMATION (aren’t these automated usually?). By this time, I had spent the money I had allocated for all the strings ~$30 (not a huge number, it’s the principle) because I had no indication that I would be charged!

Am I being ridiculous/hyper-critical?

For some reason, this really left a bad taste. I don’t know if I see myself ordering from him again.

Has anyone had similar experiences? Good experiences? Share your thoughts with me.

I’ve only had good experiences with them.
You cant blame them. Lets start with one thing that you shouldnt be whining about (no offense, sorry)

You say you ordered Saturday Night. Well, that generally means that they were done working for the day. Also, because there is no postage on Sunday, they dont work on Sundays.

Now, you e-mailed them. Maybe they held back your package because of everything you did. Thats not their fault. I’m pretty sure that the confirmations are not automated - Perhaps someone could shed some light upon that.

Also, they send confirmations out after they send packages. You cant expect them to be typing their e-mail at the post office.

Really, there is nothing to complain about. If anything, you should be glad. It took them one day to ship. If you ordered at night, they were probably closed, and they dont work on Sunday. Chillax (i havent used that word in so long)

Also, if you dont feel satisfied with them, dont order from them. Its simple.
Go here next time :wink:

I have had problems with them also. I got my first PGM from them and they never sent an email saying it shipped.

When I received my PGM it had a major vibe so I ,essed with the hubstacks and stuff but couldnt fix it so I sent it back. The people at the office never responded to the calls or E-mails and when they didi get it they never did anything about it, just said “Oh, this is broken, Too Bad!” and sent it back to me.

I don’t think you are wrong and I agree with you 100%.

I once had the same issue, only I never pursued it further, assuming the order never went through. Over a month later, the stuff just shows up in the mail, and my credit card gets charged. I sent it back as a return, after talking with Amy about it.

To this day, I’m STILL waiting for my $80+ to be refunded. I just chalked it up to a loss. Funnily enough, I still order from them from time to time and it goes smoothly. Go figure.

Hey guys,

We realize its good to get experiences about things like this but we want to stay away from simply “bashing” another store or anyone in general.

If you are unsure about ordering from a specific store we recommend contacting them via email or phone and see what kind of response you can get.