So my brother just started yoyoing a week ago and I’m teaching him slowly. It’s quite funny because i told him I’m not teaching him the trick to release string tension until he can throw 5 perfectly straight trapezes. It’s frustrating him so much. Do you have any similar stories?


I was trying to teach someone how to do a front mount. They were using a power brain response system, so every time they almost got it, the yoyo auto returned. Very comical.


Not exactly.

Teaching my son when he wants to learn something. No point in trying to get him to learn something when he’s not receptive to it.

Really, his only issue at the moment is he won’t do inside loops. He likes outside loops for 2A. He can do hop the fence like a maniac. He’s doing the split bottom mount, working on smoothing out double or nothing and can pop that back to a trapeze. He can bind no problem. He’s doing barrel rolls, sun, toss and catch and bind on 4A. 5A he’s messing around with a lot as well.


He wants to learn, and I told him if he’s only doing it to impress people he needs to stop. As soon as he stops showing interest I’ll stop showing him, but I’m all for teaching anyone who has an interest. No matter how terrible they are.