Trading at yoyo contests

Hey everyone. I’m going to my first contest (MWC). I was just wondering if alot of trading gos on at contests like this. If so, how do you approach someone for a trade?

Thanks, andy

P.S- Whos going??? :slight_smile:

A ton of trading occurs at any contest.

Go up to a group and say “who wants this?”

Haha, are you serious. Outta nowhere…who wants this. Ok but if i get wierd looks im blaming you :slight_smile:

LOL fuck i wish i cud go to a contest! it’d be a dream!

Well the other option is to wear one of those sandwich board signs that says “yoyos for trade or sale” on the front and back. :wink:


Well, I try and talk to everyone at contests, show them what I have, so if they haven’t played one before they can (i dont sell or trade much of my own stuff, but i like letting people play yoyos) and I LOVE trying other peoples yoyos (mostly yoyos of interest, mods, olderstuff etc.)

If you see something you like, just say, hey man/excuse me miss, I like your *, would you happen to want to sell/trade it for anything I have?

Which is how you can find me at contests


Make sure it isn’t a scam :smiley:

Thanks everyone! Ok so…

  1. Wear a sign
  2. Walk into a random group and say “Who wants this”
  3. Look for people with signs around their neck

ok got it, lol :slight_smile:

still trying to thank you twice :confused:

andyisyoyo, that sounds about right. :slight_smile:

Just everyone you talk to tell them you are looking to trade for some certin yoyo, and then the word will get out and someone will come up with what you want. At least that is how it has always worked for me.

Yeah, it seems from videos that everyone is so friendly. Well thanks!

the yoyoing community is the friendliest group of people i have ever met in my life!

There’s a company that makes an LCD “name badge” that you can wear as a name badge, belt, wristband or on a lanyard. You can have it do slide shows, videos(no sound) and more. Costs around $200.

Since it’s WAY out of what the norm is here, here is a link:

I’m ordering one next week.

If you pop in LED Name Badge, you can find more affordable offerings around $30.
I’m ordering 5 for the people who work with me.

Maybe a bit more “classy” than the sandwich board idea.

Lol, im not particularly looking for classy, just an un-okward way to let people know i have items to trade. :slight_smile:

Well, a bullhorn is about as subtle as a 500-pound bomb, so that’s another way to go as well.

Or, you could have a T-shirt printed with a QR, and then if people photo you, it can take them to your site of choosing and they could see what you have for trade.

Or, a sign on the side of your case or on your backpack or whatever you carry your yoyos in that says “I trade yoyos” on it.

well usually people just walk up to me and say do you have anything for trade. then i show them what i have and let them offer on it.

Sometimes people ask for my yoyo at contest or meet. Asking if I have yoyos to sale or trade…

I guess they aren’t that hard to find…

Walk up to someone who has a open yo yo case and ask if they’re selling, buying or trading.

ill be there