bac trading


who wants to trade at the bac in a group


Everyone that goes?

I don’t understand the question…


I think maybe he wanted to pre-plan some trades? Not sure


like who wants to have a group to trade with sort of like everyone shows what they have and we can offer and stuff so we can all be able to see whos got what you want


So you have never been to a contest? I was under thee impression thats what generaly happned at thouse things.


i have been to 1 but then that didnt happen


Weird. Usually there are guys with their cases open and even a bunch of kids who just completely offer you their yo-yo’s.


yup. that’s how it went every contest I’ve been to. Even at just normal meet ups.


Right here!


I really want to go to a contestsome day, especially the major ones like Cal states or BAC, or or course worlds… But thats gonna be a while… I might be able to go to VA states next year hopefully


I actually had several offers last year at BAC to trade, in which one of them I did. Many wanted to buy my Littles off of me but I have no intentions on selling it, enjoy it way too much! I did however make a trade, my One Star for a RecRev. The trader really wanted that OneStar and didn’t have the cash to buy one. In the end both of us were happy with the trades.


Yeah. Trading sounds good. I have a super g I wanna trade. Or sell. Lol.


Assuming the other contest youve been to was calstates, belive me, trading happens. You just have to look at anyone with an open case (like me). Over half my original collection was gone after calstates!