if your going to the bac this would be cool

so i was leaning history and found out about a thing called dumb bartering. So one person has a yoyo and put it on a given area while the other person is watching then they come down and put down if the person likes the deal they come back but they were watching the whole time if they like the trade they take the other persons yoyo and then the other person comes and takes the yoyo they offered on but if not the person offering puts up more or different stuff or walks away. so whos down

I have NO idea what you just said.

That’s how things get stolen.

i put a yoyo down and walk away while still watching it then you come and put an offer if i like it i take yours leave mine then you take mine or i leave it and you make a counteroffer

we could do it so u just sit at a table together but theres no speaking it would be fun but you could always just regular trade without the fun

I do not like this idea, and will not be participating


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Nah, i dunno about this…

who wants to straight up trade buy and sell in a group

In a reasonably sized, trusted group, in private? Could be fun. But, you’re looking at the middle of Golden Gate Park. Tons of people walking around, and most of them not there for the contest at all. Things have been swiped under better conditions.

At first, I thought it was just having a secret partner that makes higher offer or helps peak the interest of people who get near you for trades. Not sure what the original post meant to say though. Either way, this sounds kind of sketchy.

all us guys on here go in our group and do some bst ing it will be fun if we have a group and i thought instead of this dumb bartering we could just group up and bst and make yoyo throw buddies

Do BST type activity face to face. Part of the whole contest environment is the interaction with OTHER players.

I will probably be asked a dozen times or more if anything is for trade or for sale. I’ll save time now by saying “no” to both questions, but I will say it again at BAC.

Your method is:

1: Abandon yoyo.
2: Yoyo claimed by someone else.
3: Oh wait, there is no step 3 unless you consider “you’re boned” Step 3.

Why is it called dumb again?

Because “retarded” isn’t politically correct.


‘Dumb’ is also a historic term for someone who’s mute. No speaking during the trade, hence dumb barter.

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