How are contests?

BLC (Bill Liebowitz Classic) is this Saturday, so since I live in socal (Bakersfield) I decided to go this weekend. I’m not competing because I’m too much of a noob :P. This will be my first yoyo event and I would like to know whats it like ;D Can you buy stuff there? Hows the community? Post below if you are going too!


I’m going. They are really fun, and yes, you can buy everything!

I can’t make it. I’m preparing for gigs and doing other stuff to get prepared for those gigs. I’m taking a day off for Nationals though.

Contests are great. Amazing environment, hopefully lots of vendors, and lots of great people. Don’t worry about competing. I only go for the environment, to buy stuff and have a great time. I will never compete.

Too bad BLC pretty much only gave 2 weeks notice.

you can buy you can trade you can buy stuff brand new sometimes even b grades that are like a-

the atmosphere is great the contests are really just stress free and if you see someone doing a trick that you want to learn most of the time when you ask they will teach you.

See you there. :slight_smile:

Contests in SoCal are chill. You’ll see many vendors selling their goods, people practicing all day, groups of people just chilling. And don’t be afraid to approach any of the sponsored players. They’re cool.

Just stay away from those kids who pester everybody into selling/trading their yoyos and you’ll be fine. You’ll see what I mean when you get to Costa Mesa.

See you there.

I’m going ;D

But I’ll be there around 3 :confused:

Hey, SR lives in Bakersfield. Maybe you two can meet up! And you dont live too far from nats or BAC