Trade Problem with Fake YYR involving user Crossstrings2

I just recently received a trade from user Crossstrings2 (Nehemiah Peterson). It just came to my attention that the Sleipnir I received from him was a fake.

Here was the trade: My 2nd run peak, FG Arctic Circle and Werrd Hour for his Positron, Sleipnir, and 7075 Catalyst.

When I traded with him, he told me the Sleipnir and Catalyst were mint and that the positron had 2 dings that could not be felt. I received the trade to find that the positron had 10 dings and multiple large scratches. The catalyst has 3a marks all over one side. Then I sent the sleipnir (which also wasn’t mint) to get anodized by Jason Wong. He compared it to his real sleipnir and verified that the one I received was in fact fake.

When I shipped my yoyos, Nehemiah told me that he would not trade back no matter what. I had explicitly told him before that I would be checking to make the sleipnir was real, and if it was fake, that I would insist on trading back. He has already traded away my peak and refuses to make the situation right.

Here is a picture that Jason Wong took of the sleipnir compared to a real one.
The axle and bearing post are clearly different, as is the body profile of the yoyo itself.

Please let me know what your thoughts on this situation are.

Just to be clear - Crossstrings2 needs to remedy this by either providing a genuine Sleipnir or trading back yoyos in an amount that ColeJ is content with. It doesn’t matter whether he knew or not that he was sending a fake YYR; what matters is that he do something to fix the situation now. I have sent him a message requesting that he contact ColeJ and respond here with a plan for making this right.

I’ve received a fake yyr messiah in a trade before. I don’t remember what I payed/traded for it, but that’s beside the point. The person I got it from didn’t know it wasn’t legit, but upon finding out, he contacted me and said this:
"Hey man. I’ve recently been given light of some pretty unsettling news. It appears as though the Messiah I traded you was in fact not an authentic YYR yoyo. There’s been news spread recently about counterfeit YYRs in circulation among the community, and a good bit of them were traced back to the guy I bought it from.

So in light of this, I’m willing to either give you a partial refund via PayPal or buy it back from you for the full price I bought it for of $100. Again, I’m very sorry and embarrased about this, and I didn’t want this to come back on you later down the road if you decided to trade it or sell it. Thanks, and let me know what you’d like to do and if you’d like some more information."

This is how someone should remedy a situation. Not how crossstrings2 is doing it. Even if he didn’t know it was a knock off, he should do what he can to make things right.

Hey kids - I don’t want anymore of this chatter from anyone except the parties directly involved. Note that doesn’t include friends on either side of the issue. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks - Only the two who made the deal can settle it.

I have in fact not been ignoring Nehemiah. I can’t be checking my phone every second of the day. He has not been responding right away to many of my texts either.

I’m not mad that I received a fake sleipnir. I’m disappointed that he refuses to make the situation right. Offering me an avant garde and a go big in return for the sleipnir in no way makes up for the full value of a sleipnir.

I NEVER agreed that it was okay for him to not ship back. I stated that if the sleipnir was fake then we would work from there. I honestly was convinced that the sleipnir was real when he sent it and when I received it.

I do not understand how I have agreed to something and not followed through. I shipped my throws the day after Nehemiah did, in a small flat rate priority mail box (when he shipped everything screwed together in a padded envelope).

Please don’t try to make me look bad like you have been trying to. I’m just stating the situation as it is. I’m not instigating a fight or any hate towards anyone. I don’t want to tarnish Nehemiah’s image. In fact, if I had wanted to do that, I would have posted immediately after receiving the throws due to the condition. But, I ignored the condition of the throws, and after I verified that the throw was fake, I contacted Nehemiah. At first he refused to do anything, then he started offering me throws that were worth nowhere near a sleipnir. I told him that the remedy for the situation was for me to ship back all of his throws and him to ship back all of my throws OR I would ship him back the sleipnir and he would ship an equal value of throw to me. I felt like that was very fair, and I had to bring it to the forums after he wouldn’t oblige.

Sorry for the large post. I’ll update once I hear back from Nehemiah.

Thanks jhb!

Just to be clear - everyone is responsible for knowing what they are selling and/or trading. Also, selling and/or trading bootlegs is against the rules at YYE and is itself grounds for a ban.

Also, just to clarify for everyone, saying “no tradebacks!” doesn’t exonerate you from the consequences of trading or selling fake yoyos – the real world doesn’t work that way. If you sell someone something counterfeit, whether intentionally or not, you have to make amends for doing so.

CrossStrings2 needs to be the next person to post here with a plan for how he will fix this.

Sorry to hear this happened, that cross strings kid kept insisting I trade him, I knew something was fishy. And did you not ask for pictures first?

This is Nehemiah’s father, Mark Peterson. I’ve been e-mailing Andre about this very matter. I understand that the yo-yo in questions was not authentic. I also understand that it is not allowed on this site to trade yo-yos that are not authentic. My problem in this whole situation is that my son has been trying to make this matter right, but ColeJ has only been giving everyone his side of the story. This is because I’ve told Nehemiah not to comment on anything ColeJ has said until I hear back from Andre in this matter. Nehemiah thought that by telling ColeJ that he would not be doing a trade back that he was allowing ColeJ to decide if he wanted to take the chance on the yo-yo in question or not. When Nehemiah told me this, I talked to him about how he would feel if it happened to him. He told me he agreed and that he had told ColeJ he would try to make it right. He first offered ColeJ a Werrd Hour, ColeJ declined. Nehemiah then offered a near mint Avant garde 1, Go-Big, 20 strings and a set of response pads. Again, ColeJ declined. He offered the same deal but in exchange for the Avant garde 1, he told ColeJ he could have one of either the 2012 Genesis, 2012 SuperNova, Code 2 or Heavy Hitter 2 SUV, all of which are near mint. ColeJ declined all of those offers. Finally, Nehemiah offered ColeJ his Equillateral, Go Big, 20 strings and a set of response pads. Nehemiah also said ColeJ didn’t have to ship back the Speipner! ColeJ also declined that offer. All of these offers are on texts sent from my son’s phone which I am currently viewing.

As far as I"m concerned, my son has tried to correct the situation as best he could. ColeJ, if you want any of the deals my son has already sent you that he would do, then you need to accept one of them. If that’s not enough, as I said before, if you were questioning a yo-yo in the first place you probably shouldn’t have made the trade. He’s letting you keep the yo-yo in question and sending you more yo-yos. I think that’s beyond fair!

I told Nehemiah that all he can do is try to offer ColeJ a fair deal. I talked to two other yo-yoers from the Chicago Yo-yo Club. Nehemiah sent ColeJ: Positron $170, 7075 Catalyst $100, and the Sleipner at a value of $80 knock off according to both of these players. That’s $350 worth of yo-yos that ColeJ recieved. ColeJ sent Nehemiah: Peak $190, FG Arctic Circle $70, Werrd Hour $50. So Nehemiah received $310 worth of yo-yos. So ColeJ is up $40 as the trade stands right now. ColeJ stated that the Positron was in worse shape than he expected. Well, I’m having Nehemiah put up the pictures he sent ColeJ in another post so everyone can see what ColeJ was looking at when he decided to take the deal. Even with all of this, Nehemiah is still willing to send ColeJ over $100 worth of yo-yos and/or merchandise to make things right.

When I talked to the other yo-yoers, they agreed that Nehemiah was going well beyond what he needed to to rectify this situation.

I am having Nehemiah include the texts of all the offers he made to ColeJ. That way nobody can question my son’s integrity.

These are the images of the yo-yos that were sent to ColeJ before he agreed to the deal

Ok, I know I’m not supposed to post in this thread, but I want to clear something up. Mr. Peterson, the reason why Cole declined all those offers, is because the yoyos your son offered him aren’t even half the value of a genuine Sleipnir. A Sleipnir costs over 200$. The yoyos he offered barely reach 100$. And a fake Sleipnir only costs 40$. So that’s only about 140$ worth of yoyos Cole will be getting. Ask Nehemiah this, why won’t he just trade back the yoyos Cole traded him, and Cole does the same? That’s the most logical way to end this. And didn’t a moderator already state before that if you’re not sure if the yoyo is genuine, then don’t offer/put it up to trade or sell?

The way I see this is that the fairest thing would just be that everyone sends back what they got. However, as the peak is no longer available, send everything back and substitute something of equal value, that is mutually agreed, in it’s place. then every one go about their business.

This just points up the risks involved with immature, overly anxious people in the BST.
Let’s get this resolved and move on.

Like you said, this will be settled between ColeJ and Nehemiah.

@Mark - It’s great to see Nehemiah wanting to make this right. This is a tricky situation. Unfortunately, these sorts of things can’t always be made right by simply offering yoyos of a value equal to what a person was supposed to received.

@ColeJ - If you and Nehemiah arrange to trade things back, is there anything among the stuff he’s offered you that you would be willing to take in exchange for the Peak that he isn’t able to return?

Thank you for the response Mr. Peterson-

I would like to start out by apologizing for being a day late on my response to this thread as I did not see the responses until this point.

The values as listed are a bit off. One of the main things that I feel should be taken into account should be the actual value of all yoyos in question. A mint (or very near mint) yoyo is worth far more than the same yoyo with many dings. That’s the case with the Positron. Turning Point’s value has been going down and down on the BSTs, and a Positron in the shape it is in would be lucky to sell for $120, and that’s being optimistic. Those pictures of the Positron sent by Nehemiah do not show all of the damage. A genuine sleipnir that is mint could sell for $160+ on the BSTS. The peak that I sent him is likely worth $150 in sale value, and easily more in trade value. The problem with offering YYF throws to make up for this situation is that I would be very hard pressed to sell or trade them, considering they are quite common. Sleipnirs and Peaks hardly surface on the BSTs, and when they do, they go for quite a bit.

If I had ended up with a genuine Sleipnir (the main reason why I wanted this trade), then I would have been easily able to sell it (assuming I wanted to). I may not have been planning on selling the Sleipnir in the near future, but if I had ever wanted to, I could have easily sold it. Most YYF tends to not move very well on the BSTs.

And unfortunately that fake Sleipnir is not worth $80. Fake Sleipnirs can be had for about $25 online. In essence, a fake YYR is worth $0 because I cannot sell or trade it ever.

I am not “coming out way ahead” in any way. I currently have about $185 of stuff from Nehemiah. $120 for that Positron, and $65 for the Catalyst, plus $0 for the Sleipnir.

Here’s how I see it: I send back everything Nehemiah sent me, and he sends back the AC, hour, and a throw of equal value to the Sleipnir (such as another YYR or a CLYW). I feel like that is fair.

I’ve sent the links that some of you posted to Mark via PM.

The issue here, though, is, as ColeJ said - the fake yoyo has no resale or trade value. He isn’t even allowed to try to trade or sell it here. Unfortunately, this sort of issue can’t be made right by simply sending any yoyos that add up to a particular price. Sending 100 Projams would technically be worth $600 if you add up their retail price, but ColeJ likely wouldn’t be able to get anything at all for them in trade or cash. Likewise with the Yoyofactory yoyos and others Nehemiah has offered - they would be difficult to sell or trade, whereas the Peak and genuine YYR yoyos are quite easy to trade because there is demand for them.

ColeJ’s proposition of receiving a genuine YYR or CLYW yoyo of equal value in exchange for the Peak seems like a totally fair way of squaring this to me. Can that work for you Mark?

Nehemiah has agreed to send an irony GBA and a Heavy Hitter 2 SUV to make up for the sleipnir.

I’ll update after I receive the throws but it seems that this issue has been resolved.

Forgot to update this thread, but I did receive the Irony and Heavy Hitter 2 from Nehemiah.

So I suppose this is resolved.